Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stop all the Motion

One of the things that I really like to do is watch new music videos. A lot of people think that videos are a dying art or whatevs, but whatevs, I'm still into them. From time to time I'll post some new music videos that I think are pretty dang cool (and I'll also post videos that totally suck boot).

One thing that I really like about that particular format is that the songs don't necessarily have to be very good, as long as the video is pretty sweet. Anyhow, below you'll see a couple of pretty sweet-arse videos employing the stop-motion technique. That's where there's like, motion, but they stop it? It's good. Check it yallz:

That there is Matt and Kim's video for the song "Daylight." It's cutesy, sure, but it's also a pretty good song. It makes me want to run! It makes me want to jump on bike! It makes me want to dumpster dive!(?) Anyhow, they throw the stop-motion in at the end.

This one here is O'Death's "Low Tide" which is a pretty dang fun song. It's pretty wacky, kind of what I picture Ugly Casanova to sound like if they did lots of tweak? They're on Kemado Records, which is quickly turning into one of my favorite new labels. ENJOY mutha-effers.

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