Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two new friends coming soon...

Tomorrow a couple of action figures from Watchmen come out, and needless to say, I've already pre-ordered the shit out of them! Tomorrow will be a good day, yes it will.

Not only is Watchmen a soon-to-be-released action flick directed by 300 direction, Zack Snyder, but it's also possibly the best graphic novel of all time. In fact, it made Time Magazines 100 Greatest Novels List (and I believe that it's the ONLY graphic novel to have made the list).

I've been wanting action figures based on the graphic novel for quite some time now, but it looks like that's just never going to happen. With the movie coming out though, they're putting out 8 figures based on the most popular characters from the story. Unfortunately all of them are based on designs from the movie, not the book. However, the two that are coming out tomorrow are to most similar to their appearance in the book itself and because of that those may end up being the only ones that I get, so suck it Warner Bros.! Suck it in your face!

The biggest "fuck you" from Warner Bros. though is that these figures are $24 each! Another reason I probably won't end up with the whole set. Anyhow, here are the figures:

Nite Owl I


And also, just for funzies, here's the trailer for Watchmen, in theaters 3-29-09!

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