Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Beauty of Bob!

So lately I've become kind of re-obsessed with Bob Odenkirk. He's always been one of my favorite comedians, but he's stuck to sketch comedy and directing for so long now that I often forget that he started out as a stand up. Over the past couple of years or so he's been getting back into it and I've been fortunate enough to see him many times. I went and saw him last week at Comedy Death Ray and as always, I found myself wanting to make man-love on him.

I was playing around on the you tube the other day and I actually found one of his sets that I saw early last year at the UCB Theatre in LA. This wasn't the first time I saw him, that was during the Comedians of Comedy tour in '07. Anyhow, it's cut in two parts:

Many of you may already know him from HBO's Mr. Show. Here's one of my favorite sketches starring Bob:

Here's something more recent of his, it's a music video he did for Rogue Wave:
Bob Odenkirk's - Rogue Wave "Chicago x 12"

Friday, May 22, 2009

Paper Heart

Alright. So here's a new movie starring Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera, called Paper Heart. I honestly can. not. wait. for this movie to come out. I can't believe how goddamned cute they are together! I had heard that they were dating, but I never realized how cute and awkward they are together. Even if this movie is a piece of turd, cut from a turd cake, I will always have this trailer to keep me warm. I wish it was longer...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Metal In Me

There's a little bit of Metal in me. It's a bit strange to say, but yeah. I'm kind of a fan of Metal. It happened long ago, on a warm Southern California evening when my brother introduced me to two radio stations, Pirate Radio and KNAC, both of which no longer exist. Anyhow, from the ages of 6-10 or so, all I would listen to was metal, because that's what my brothers listened to. I had no choice but to succumb to metal's fierce will otherwise I was led to believe that Judas Priest would summon a Dragon to come and burn me to a crisp.

Speaking of Judas Priest:

Anyhow, my point here is that I don't actually like metal. I mean, I do, but I don't. At least not in the way your normal metal fan enjoys it. I just find a lot of it so incredibly hilarious that I can do nothing but offer it my love. I mean, seriously! Did you or did you not just watch Judas Priest rob a bank using nothing but their ability to rock the fuck out? And often times, it's not just the videos that are entertaining, but the music itself is actually quite impressive on some strange level. I'm not a fan of crazy-wacky guitar solos, unless they're in Metal songs.

I feel like if there's a place at all for crazy-wacky guitar solos, it's in Metal and Metal alone (I will, however, let Dinosaur Jr., Stephen Malkmus, and Wilco's Sky Blue Sky, slide though). Take for instance the dueling face-melters of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper":

Anyhow, I think you get my points. So I'll leave you with two videos that I have a severe love/hate relationship with:

And the most ridiculous combination of things I hate: Chris Angel, Magic, and 80's Glam Metal.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)

Rushmore (1998)

So, maybe I should put a little preface on this. Occasionally I'll be posting screenshots from movies that I really felt were not only great, but very photographic. I used to be a photographer, see, so I like pretending I'm still doing it by taking screenshots of pretty much everything I watch on my computer. I'll try to keep the posts to around 8 shots, so as not to be too overwhelming with it. Anyhow, enjoy, or don't. Whatevs, yo. Oh yes, and if you click on them, they will get bigger.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Royal Tenenbaums

My favorite movie is The Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson. Today I watched it with the commentary on, which I've done before, but is something that I always find to be a bit difficult because the movie has so many great scenes filled with great dialogue that I don't like missing. So I came up with a remedy. I watched the movie with the commentary on, but turned it off during my favorite scenes and watched them sans commentary, then rewound to the beginning of those scenes and turned the commentary back on. So all in all, it took about three hours or so to watch a 110 minute movie.

Anyhow. Another thing that I really like is capturing screen-shots from movies or TV shows. It's something that I've been kind of obsessively doing these past few months. I'm working on gathering them all up into different sets. So if I have time next week I'll start posting some of them. For now, there's the one at the top of this page from The Royal Tenenbaums, which is quite possibly my favorite moment in the movie.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bill Callahan

When I was in Chapel Hill, NC I went to a venue called the Local 506. We got there early, around 5ish or so, so that we could load in, sound check and go get our eat on. Anyhow, I couldn't help but notice the music playing. It sounded somewhat familiar (having been introduced to Smog by a friend recently). Anyhow, all I know is that it was good. So I went up and asked the bartender what he was listening to, turned out to be the new Bill Callahan record, Sometime I Wish We Were An Eagle. I went out and got it that night. I've been listening to it a bunch lately, it's got a really great song on it called Too Many Birds. I think my favorite part of the album is when he says,

If you
If you could
If you could only
If you could only stop
If you could only stop your
If you could only stop your heart
If you could only stop your heartbeat
If you could only stop your heartbeat for
If you could only stop your heartbeat for one
If you could only stop your heartbeat for one heart
If you could only stop your heartbeat for one heartbeat

Anyhow, here's the song:
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