Tuesday, March 3, 2009

15 Step

Here's a mix album containing one song from each of my 15 Most Profound Albums. This might not really be the best mix, in fact, you might really dislike it, but eff it yo. I had fun making it. Each song brings back memories, good times and bad. Frankly, some of it's embarrassing. I figured it was either this or I write out one of those 25 things list, and those are non-musical. So enjoy this instead! Or don't, whatevs.

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1. Falling For You by Weezer
2. Fat and Skinny Asses by Piebald
3. Regulate by Nate Dogg & Warren G
4. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel (this song will give you a heart atack-ack-ack in your cadillac-ac-ac while eating a pancake stack-ack-ack...?)
5. Lie For A Lie by Built to Spill
6. Hovering (Instrumental) by Beulah
7. Emma Blowgun's Last Stand by Beulah
8. It's So Easy by Guns and Roses
9. Nightswimming by REM
10. Memory Loss by Deltron 3030
11. Jocko Homo by Devo
12. Pigs That Ran Straight Into The Water, Triumph of by The Mountain Goats
13. You Should Do It Now While It's On Your Mind by Owen
14. Minneapolis by that dog
15. My Little Drum by the Vince Guaraldi Trio

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