Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Simple Exercise to Achieve Clarity

So, before I start with this post I wanted to explain a little about what I'm doing here. I've decided to start posting some of my short writings on here from time to time. Things that aren't necessarily about anything in particular. Sometimes it'll be fiction, sometimes it'll just be an idea. Anyhow, here we go with the first one.

A Simple Exercise to Achieve Clarity

Do you ever take your glasses off and just stare out the window? You should try it sometime. It's a bit of a challenge because you have to try and figure out what it is you're actually looking at using nothing but your eyes to bring everything into focus. I mean, well, that's why you have glasses. So that you don't actually have to use your eyes to focus, the glasses do that for you. They simply set up a way for you to focus on things without actually using your eyes. Squinting helps, but you stil don't really get the whole picture. You have to start thinking abut what you're looking at instead of simply looking at it, know what I mean? You have to put what you think you're looking at into context. You have to figure out if what you think you're looking at actually makes sense to be where it is. After you've thought about it for a while you should find yourself actually knowing what it is. You should know exactly what you're looking at. Now, whatever you do, don't put your glasses back on to make sure you really are looking at what you should already know you're looking at. That's not what this exercise is about. Whatever it really is doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because this exercise is designed for you to see what you will see, not so that you will see what is actually there. Does that make sense? This exercise is about achieving clarity on your own, without any assistance.

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