Saturday, April 18, 2009

Songs for the Time Being

I've been on the road since March 29th. I'm touring around with a band called Gliss. I'll be with them until May 4th when I take a couple of days off to rest in New York before heading back home.

I was suddenly inspired the other day while sitting in the back of the van to make a new mix. I don't normally make these as, well, I always feel like every one I know has already heard all the songs I'd be putting on them anyhow. For someone who works in music, I tend to find new music a little later than everyone else.

Anyhow, I gave it a shot here. If you check out the link below you'll get a zip file that has the entire mix on it. It's mostly filled with a bunch of songs that remind me of home. It's also got some fun stuff on there too. I actually tried to make it flow well, so I hope you like it! Anyhow. Enjoy! Or don't, whatevs, yo.

Songs for the Time Being.

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